Mailing Lists

We want to hear from you.

As with most open source/free software user groups, email is the primary channel through which NDBUG communicates.


For the purposes of NDBUG, we want to keep signal-to-noise ratio high, so the following guidlines are strongly recommended:

  • Please follow proper netiquette.
  • Stay as ontopic as possible. Usually that means BSD-specific topics, but anything relating to Unix, Linux, free software, open source, programming, and the Internet are mostly fine too.
  • No advertising. Advertising of non-NDBUG related products or services is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate ban.
  • Please don't top-post. Please see the Wikipedia article on posting style if you're not sure what that means.
  • Please don't have an attitude. We want to be a bridge for learning and discussion, and big egos and verbal nastiness doesn't foster that kind of environment. Feel free to correct people and share your opinion, but don't be mean about it.